100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

The best and powerful way to indulge in a regular yoga practice is to explore yoga through a yoga teacher training course! A perfect yoga teacher training course gives an experience for lifetime physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Many visits our yoga school in Rishikesh, "Kamal Yoga" with a dream to enter and experience the divine yogic world but some have an issue of Time! They do not have much time but have lots of enthusiasts. For those individuals; we have a short-term yoga course of just 14 days in which one train themselves in all the crucial aspects and elements of yoga including asanas, pranayama, alignment, adjustment, anatomy & physiology, mantra chanting, mudras & bandhas, meditation and so on. All the elements of yoga included in 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course offer a basic knowledge of yoga theoretically as well as practically.

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Kamal Yoga in Rishikesh is for all those yoga seekers who are carrying a wonderful dream of developing proficient knowledge and skills in yoga. Yoga is a universal knowledge and so it should be learnt by each and every individual; with this aim of sharing the divine knowledge of yoga, we offer traditional yoga at our yoga centre led by veteran yogi and yogini!

This is a short-term course yet it covers all the necessary elements of yoga; Through this yoga course, you will learn to do injury free yoga, you will learn to perform yoga with right poses and asanas, you will learn to unlock the divine & mystical powers of yoga, you will get aware with the benefits of yoga and you will the glimpse of yogic world. Once you'll complete the course by covering all the required hours, assignments and examination, you will be honored by the yoga certificate.

Why Choose Kamal Yoga for 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Not 1 or 2, there are several reasons of choosing "Kamal Yoga" for 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. Some of them are:

  • Way of Teaching - At Kamal Yoga, we teach with utmost proficiency! Our Beginner Yoga Course is designed specially to introduce you to the glorious world of yoga.
  • Old-handed Yog Gurus - With the best and versatile teachers from all over the world, our yoga family holds years of expertise and well-professional skills. Yogis and Yoginis at our yoga school in Rishikesh ensure to share the yogic knowledge in a way that it will get easily understand by yoga students.
  • Friendly Ambience - While learning, the surroundings and ambience matter the most! At Kamal Yoga, all out yoga team or you can say our yoga family are dedicated to providing you with the best of the knowledge and skills they have. Moreover, they will help you and support you to be a great yogi or yogini!