Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Yoga is Love! Yoga is Peace! Yoga is Bliss! Yoga is Life!

Yoga is certainly a practice everybody wants to experience! While listening to the word, "Yoga"; What do you imagine? A place covered with Himalayas and greenery where there is silence, silence and only silence, where there is no one; only you and your yoga. You start imagining different asanas performed by a yogi.

You know what? All that you imagine is not just an imagination; indeed it is actually what we call yoga!

Yoga is simply a beautiful way to the happy life. Yoga in the lap of the Himalayas is the most beautiful thing one can experience. This is the reason that our yoga school in Rishikesh, "Kamal Yoga" comes up with a program of Yoga Retreat of 7 days. Yoga Retreat is not a yoga course, indeed it is a short one-week rejuvenating program where you can enjoy and learn simultaneously. Certainly, performing and practicing yoga in the Himalayas has the power to bring that inner peace you've been dreaming of since long! The 7 days yoga program at Kamal Yoga, Rishikesh is designed and crafted so well in a way that you will definitely love it and wants to experience it again and again.

Rishikesh is the perfect choice for Yoga or Meditation as it holds the roots of it. Rishikesh offers yoga with ancient and spiritual traditions. When the world is almost unaware of the term, "Yoga", then Rishikesh is the only city to witness the power of it. Sages and Monks choose this peaceful destination to get indulge in the beauty of it. The serenity, the calmness, the beauty like Rishikesh cannot be found anywhere else. The river Ganga flows here increases the quality of the place; the majestic mountains stand here increases the charm of the place, the lush greenery found here increases the beauty of the place, the accredited temple located here increases the spirituality of the place and the positive atmosphere of the city increases your love towards it!

Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh with a Yoga Retreat is the sole aim of Kamal Yoga. Yoga Retreat is a way to simply escape from the busyness and stress of the daily life. You can call it as a rejuvenating vacation! Kamal Yoga offers you a time to spend in a lonely place, which is far away from the involvement of people. It is a chance to divert your mind from negative thoughts that become a barrier to your happiness.

It doesn't matter at all that you are new to yoga; Yoga Retreat wants your present involvement, not your past experience!
Have a 7-day visit at Kamal Yoga to experience the beautiful nature of RISHIKESH and glorious world of YOGA........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!