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"We can realize our true self only when our mind is focused in its subtlest unit" This is the real aim of Yoga! It is easy to know other but it takes a birth to know yourself; Yoga is a way to help you in achieving the true wisdom of knowing yourself.
With having an expertise of 15 Years; "Kamal Yoga" is your destination to gain the immense knowledge of yoga. The founder of the yoga school in Rishikesh, "Kamal Bhatt" simply aims to promote yoga in its "Complete Form". Yoga Alliance, USA certified school; Kamal Yoga offers several yoga teacher training courses and yoga-related programs.
Each and Every transformative yoga course let you step in the wonderful world of yoga. Through our yoga teacher training courses and programs; one can re-establish balance and develop unmatchable skills of yoga in a safe and beautiful environment of our school; "Kamal Yoga"!

Rishikesh - Blessed with the Divinity of Yoga

Rishikesh is the fortunate city of Uttarakhand to be blessed with the divinity and purity of yoga. The city is popularly known as; "World's Yoga Capital" offers you the best of yoga and meditation. No wonder, getting a yoga teacher certification here is the dream of many people! Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh means to get trained with the renowned yoga masters while enjoying the mesmerizing sceneries of the place.
On the setting of our premise in the breathtaking location of Ramjhula, Rishikesh is the biggest blessing we get! Learning the incredible practice of yoga and gaining the immense knowledge of it in an environment close to nature is surely the best. Kamal Yoga offers an opportunity to students of cultivating the seed of awareness and stillness through the glorious yogic journey.

Kamal Yoga is not just a yoga school in Rishikesh; indeed, it's a place of blissfulness, awareness, vitality and personal recreation!

Our experienced hands - Yog Gurus

Kamal Yoga is blessed with a dedicated team of veteran and professional Yog Gurus who have been continuously sharing the gift of yoga with yoga lovers all around the world. All our yoga teachers are committed to providing you with that much of yoga knowledge which you would definitely dream of!

Experienced Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh India

Yogi Kamal Bhatt Ji

Founder & Director, Leading Yoga Teacher

Founder & Director, Leading Yoga Teacher

Guru Buddhi Prakash Ji

Transcendental Meditation & Philosophy

Transcendental Meditation & Philosophy

Dr. Usha Vaishnava Ji

Ayurveda Teacher & Nutrition Dietitian

Ayurveda Teacher & Nutrition Dietitian

Yogi Jitendra Ji

Pranayama & Satsang

Pranayama & Satsang

Kamal Yoga Offers

The Yoga Courses or Programs offered by Kamal Yoga includes:
  • 14 Days/2 Weeks Beginner's Yoga Course100 Hours Yoga TTC

    for all those yoga honeybees who are quite interested in yoga but have less time to spend in this divinity!
  • 28 Days/4 Weeks Certified Intermediate Yoga Course200 Hours Yoga TTC

    for all those yoga lovers who want themselves to see as an RYT and that too in a short period of time!
  • 42 Days/6 Weeks Advanced Level Yoga Course300 Hours Yoga TTC

    for all those yoga aspirants who want to go deep into the divine ocean of yoga!
  • 70 Days/10 Weeks Master Level Yoga Course500 Hours Yoga TTC

    for all those who want to take their yoga practice to the level where there is only peace and divinity!
  • 3/5/7/10 Days Yoga Retreats in the Himalayas (Rishikesh)Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

    for those who wish to start their life in a new way by getting completely rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged!